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Amsterdam UMC

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

At the heart of Amsterdam UMC is a crucial link: the control room. As the centre of control and monitoring of all technical systems, this room plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of the hospital. On behalf of main contractor INTER, CREON recently delivered two 24-hour workstations as part of the significant modernisation of the control room at the Amsterdam UMC.

Amsterdam UMC: pioneer in academic care

As a leading academic medical centre, Amsterdam UMC is known for its high-quality patient care, pioneering scientific research and leading education. The merger of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and the VU Medical Centre (VUmc) in 2018 resulted in a combined effort of over 19,500 employees striving to provide high-quality and accessible care.

Efficiency improvements in the control room

In Amsterdam UMC’s former control room, staff encountered challenges related to inefficiency and lack of space. With 14 sources distributed on as many screens spread over a distance of seven metres, operators experienced inconvenience when monitoring the various technical installations. This distance led not only to disruption, but also to inefficiency in monitoring vital systems.

TITAN: the solution for optimum productivity

To address these challenges, CREON provided two ergonomic TITAN workstations. These innovative workstations provide enough space for large screens of up to 56 inches with high resolution, enabling a one pixel space solution. The ergonomic design allows operators to quickly switch between different processes, while enjoying optimal comfort and efficiency.

Barco OpSpace solution

The modernisation of the control room was made possible by the collaboration between CREON and main contractor INTER. By using cutting-edge AV technologies, such as the Barco OpSpace solution, operators at Amsterdam UMC can benefit from an optimised working environment with personalised resource presentations.

A new era of control

The modernisation of the control room marks a new era of control and efficiency within Amsterdam UMC. With CREON’s advanced TITAN workstations, Amsterdam UMC is ready to continue to excel in delivering high-quality care to the community.

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