Eyes on the road


Ministerie van Rijkswaterstaat


The Traffic Centre Zuid-Nederland keeps a close watch on traffic on main roads in the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. It oversees safety and traffic free flow. The traffic centre also manages traffic during emergencies and incidents so that road users can reach their destinations safely and ensuring motorway accessibility is guaranteed.

CREON has designed a standard workstation for road traffic operators to be used in the upgrading of the 5 traffic centres in the Netherlands. (“Uniforme Werkplek Weg Verkeersleiders”). This workstation consists of a work surface and a video wall for 2×3 46”monitors. An electric height adjustment system allows for independent movement of the work surface and video wall.

The traffic centre is located in the High Tech Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Automotive Hotspot for the Netherlands. The MKO Servicedesk for Rijkswaterstaat is also located on this Campus in Helmond. Creon has also carried out the total refurbishment of this MKO Servicedesk facility.

About this project

“CREON has carried out above mentioned project to full satisfaction within the agreed time limit and budget. The finished product complies with the requirements and needs of Rijkswaterstaat and has been providing good service since its first implementation in 2010. Even before the project started and throughout, CREON was always forthcoming with (spontaneous) advice aimed at achieving an even better result, paying a lot of attention to detail.” – Daan Koop, Rijkswaterstaat