All Schiphol airport operations in control, 24/7


Schiphol Airport Operations Center (APOC)

Products used

Schiphol, The Netherlands

Monitoring, controlling and planning the entire airport logistics: at the new Schiphol Airport Operations Center (APOC), there is intensive cooperation between various stakeholders to keep all airport operations running flawlessly. The Barco OpSpace workstations provide APOC operators all the 24/7 support they require while carrying out their tasks.

Schiphol is one of Europe’s largest hubs. It is a daily coming and going of passengers and aircrafts. Nearly 72 million passengers flew to and from Schiphol in 2019. This makes the airport one of the busiest international airports worldwide. To keep the complex flow of passengers and the increasing number of flights on track, Schiphol opened a new airport Operations Center (APOC) in 2020.

The Airport Operations Center (APOC)

Logistics processes at Schiphol are becoming more complex by the day. From this central location, the aim is to improve the experience for both passengers and airlines. The APOC comprises a partnership between the airport’s stakeholders. By working together effectively and coordinating tasks, passenger and air traffic flows run smoothly and predictably. Potential problems are predicted by operators at an early stage and prevented if possible.

CREON provided 16 TITAN desks to the APOC. The integrated LED lighting in the feet and worktop of the TITAN give the desks a futuristic appearance. The ultra-compact workstations were specially designed for the use of large, high-resolution screens. This makes the desks very suitable for one-pixel space solutions such as Barco OpSpace, which allow operators to visualise all critical activities from different sources at one or two large displays. In collaboration with Bosch Energy and Building Solutions, INTER provided the software and hardware solutions for APOC’s state-of-the-art control room, providing more targeted insight into passenger flows, capacity management and more.

Collaborating disciplines

In the APOC control room, there is close cooperation between different logistics disciplines, such as the Royal Military Police, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands, baggage handling and parking management. Barco OpSpace makes it possible to display multiple required sources on the same screen.  This allows each operator to define their own task-specific layout and bring the desired applications into view to efficiently control, collect or share information. And all this with just one mouse and keyboard. Thanks to the availability of real-time and stored data and cooperation between the various disciplines, Schiphol APOC operators predict flight and passenger movements with more precision and certainty.

Bosch, Schiphol vested partner

During the implementation, Bosch specialists were involved early on in the process, making it easier to identify process optimizations. Schiphol APOC operators now have all the information they need when they need it, 24/7.

Freek Vermeulen, program manager at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions: “We are proud that Schiphol considers us a strategic partner. That long-term relationship makes it possible for us to bring our slogan ‘performance built on partnership’ to life.”