The dispatcher is the focus of your dispatch room. They should be able to maintain overview, stay focused and make critical decisions. Engage CREON for the optimum furnishing of your dispatch room.

Dispatch room every sector

In control for every sector

Naturally we furnish emergency services dispatch rooms for the state, but there are so many more variants. From the defence industry to security and from traffic to financial trading. With over 25 years of experience designing, furnishing and creating dispatch rooms, we are always in control. In any sector.

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Dispatch room technology

Proven technology for dispatch room furnishing

You don’t use ordinary desks and chairs to furnish a dispatch room. After all, four times as much work is done at these workstations than in an office! Our workstations are made with this in mind. Robust, ergonomic and based on proven technology. You can adjust your workstation, monitors and chair at the press of a button. So that every dispatcher can work there in an ideal posture.

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dispatch room furnishing
We are in control. From A to Z. From atmosphere to technology and from inspiration to installation.

CREON makes it stress free

Furnishing a dispatch room is a complex project. New workstations have to be installed, including 24/7 chairs, a large number of monitors, a lot of technology and the right lighting. The space should have a practical layout. You may need a front desk or a meeting room. And, have you thought about the atmosphere? Plants, the colour scheme, decoration…

At the very least you will need an architect, a designer, an engineer, an all-round technician, an IT staffer and an electrician. Or you can call on CREON. We are your partner for dispatch room furnishing and destress the process for you. This decreases throughput times and saves on costs.

The road to a new dispatch room

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a functional dispatch room. However, thanks to our role as the architect as well as taking everything else off your hands, the throughput time is a lot shorter than average.

The road to a new dispatch room starts with a session to discuss ideas and options. Thanks to our years of experience, we immediately understand which functionality you are looking for and which atmosphere you want to create as well as your direct and indirect wishes and requirements. We then incorporate all that into a design.

Can you visualise it?

During an interactive design session, that can also take place online, we examine the design together. What do you like, what could be improved and what is still missing? You’ll soon notice; we are easy to work with. We will shift the furniture around live and immediately modify details. Completely satisfied? Then the real work starts.

Because, although a design always starts in 2D, it only comes to life in 3D. We will create a 360° video you can share with all your colleagues to get them enthused. We will make you even more enthusiastic using a Virtual Reality visualisation. This puts you in the middle of your dispatch room, even before installation starts. You can taste the atmosphere and how the place feels. The creation phase can start.

The dispatch room’s actual furnishing

We start developing the workstations, which you can modify to suit your wishes. We provide everything and ensure equipment is easy to install. We make provisions for the simple, neat, clean-lined hiding of cables whilst not making them so tight that you can no longer stand to work at your workstation. We take everything into account.

In the meantime, we will organise the transition from old to new. Because, of course, work must go on. We enable that by providing a seamless migration plan. Everyone will gradually be moved to the new dispatch room without work being affected in any way.

For today and tomorrow

And then, the time has come: everyone can start working in the new dispatch room. It will probably take a little getting used to, but every colleague will soon get into their flow. And on the next shift. And the one after, and after that … because this dispatch room is one for the future.

We not only look at what you need now, but also at changes in the future. expansions, any possible new technologies, computerisation. It is all possible with a CREON future-proof dispatch room.

Could your dispatch room’s furnishing use an upgrade? Or are you due to move? We are at your service. Feel free to contact us to discuss the options. We enjoy helping you out.