The WTC’s security lodge


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Applied solutions

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district is the WTC: a commercial business centre housing over 330 companies on 160,000 square metres. You will find office pavilions, meeting rooms and flex spaces; it is a vibrant environment. To ensure visitor safety, the publicly accessible parts of the building are monitored from the WTC’s security lodge.

The control room of the World Trade Center Amsterdam

The World Trade Center provides much more than workplaces for enterprising people. It is the place to find various catering establishments and practical facilities, including a dry cleaner, a childcare centre, a dentist and a hairdresser. Every day, the WTC is busy with business people and visitors, as the buildings are freely accessible on weekdays between 6.30am and 8pm. Security hosts are present 24/7 to inform, register and monitor visitors.

It is constantly updating the World Trade Center to meet the latest accommodation requirements of the top office market. Security technology plays a vital role in this. In the past, the role of security was to keep unwanted persons out. Today, a team of security guards ensures a safe and, above all, efficient working environment. They can only accomplish this task when they are part of the complete ecosystem of the building technology.

A safe and pleasant end result

The security guards take turns working as control room dispatchers or surveillants. From the security lodge – WTC’s control room – the security team is supported by the control room dispatcher over the walkie-talkie.

The security lodge was completely renovated in 2022. A flexible and scalable security solution was chosen, this project was carried out under the responsibility of EAL. CREON supplied the two SPLIT workstations for the security lodge, on which INTER‘s AV solution was installed. The curved shape of the SPLIT worktops allows for a curved arrangement of the workstations. The sit-stand desks are each equipped with two large (43-inch) screens that can be adjusted in height and depth independently of the worktop. This allows the workstations to be adjusted entirely to the individual needs of the users.

A custom-made intermediate cabinet has built-in equipment consisting of the radio and walkie-talkies. A pendant luminaire hangs above each workstation, lighting the workstations. The indirect lighting prevents reflection on the monitors and contributes to user focus both during the day and at night.

The video wall behind the desks is clearly visible at both workstations. Footage from the security cameras is displayed on it. By continuing to monitor everything properly, an optimal end result is achieved, which makes the WTC perceived by visitors as a pleasant and safe environment.