Renewal of dispatching for Antwerp Fire Brigade

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Antwerp Fire Brigade


Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Fire Brigade has about 700 operational firefighters. They are responsible for basic tasks. Besides, each firefighter also has its own specialization. Antwerp Fire Brigade covers three municipalities: Antwerp, Wijnegem and Zwijndrecht.

New signal room

For over 10 years, the signal room (dispatching office) at the Post Noord has been 24 hours a day the beating heart of the fire zone. Therefore the Antwerp Fire Brigade has recently acquired a completely new signal room equipped with advanced technological communication equipment.

The entire fire brigade zone is controlled from this signal room. Important information is passed on to the emergency vehicles on their way to the scene, while the dispatching of interventions also takes place in the signal room.

The Antwerp Fire Brigade opted for the implementation of new technologies, as they daily receive many different information flows. It is therefore very essential to get this information to the signal room supervisors in a structured way.

Barco OpSpace

In the renovation project of the new signal rooms, the Antwerp Fire Brigade chose Barco OpSpace. This dispatch solution allows them to control everything with only one mouse and keyboard. Ensured by this application the information flows can easily be centralized among the signalmen. The signal room is now able to easily send images to the crisis room, which leads to a better collaboration.

Interventions can now be managed more efficiently, while information can be displayed on one screen. Furthermore, Barco OpSpace is also scalable, which allows them to easily add of hide sources.

Collaboration with Play AV

For the installation of the new signal room Antwerp Fire Brigade chose to work with Play AV because of its excellent support and professional guidance provided by their consultants.

An ergonomic investment with the CREON desks

The signal room is manned 24/7, so it is essential to invest in ergonomic solutions. Four ergonomic workstations are placed in the signal room because four signal room attendants are present each time. The multifunctionality of the CREON desks makes it possible to hide technical equipment and wiring in the technical cabinets of the workstations. This is in line with the clean desk principle of Antwerp Fire Brigade.

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