New SPLIT workstations for Hasselt Fire Department


Hasselt Fire Department

Products used

Belgium has 34 assistance zones, including three Limburg assistance zones. Assistance zone South-West Limburg is one of these and consists of eight fire stations. They provide the fire department and a significant part of the ambulance assistance in the southwest of the province of Limburg. Zonal dispatch is carried out from the 112 emergency room in Hasselt.

The big move

In 2018, the personnel of the Hasselt station and all fire trucks will move to the new barracks at “Campus H,” on the Herkenrodesingel in Hasselt. Since the fire department has been transitioned into assistance zones in 2015, the zonal administrative services will also be placed in the new building. The building will also house a number of services of the FPS Interior (including CIC, 112, Security Corps, Prison Service).

Ultra-modern workstations

The new control room ensures that the call-out for an intervention proceeds as quickly and efficiently as possible. The emergency room is equipped with four ultramodern 24/7 SPLIT workstations, at which work can be carried out while sitting or standing. Independent of the desktop, the monitors at the workstations can be adjusted both in height and depth. This allows the dispatcher to maintain a good view of the video wall attached to the wall behind the workstations from any working position. Dimmable LED task lighting is attached to the monitor rail of the workstations. This allows the dispatcher to control the brightness at his workstation.