Brand new equipment for dispatching police zone VLAS


Police zone VLAS


Kortrijk, Belgium

Applied solutions

The Police Zone VLAS has had its own control room system for years and this was a conscious choice. This control room is the heart of the police force and operates 24/7 with speed, efficiency and quality at the service of residents and visitors to Kortrijk, Courne and Rundlede.

Technological evolution

The dispatcher functions as an “intelligent unit” that processes large amounts of information and data.

“In order to process all this information and make the best possible use of the available resources, we always look forward to the latest technological developments. This allows us to keep our service to citizens and support to police teams in the field permanently at a high quality level. That is why the decision was made to purchase and implement Barco’s OpSpace system.”

A comfortable and ergonomic workplace was created by investing in a new infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern control room as well as dispatchers, operators and operations managers.

"We are very satisfied with the result and after several months we can confirm that together we have created the optimal combination between operational utility, ergonomics and design."

OPSPACE – the new way of working

To optimize dispatch and support the field team, PZ VLAS’ modern control room uses several systems to process camera images, data, information, drone images and more. For one dispatcher to get the most out of all these systems, he would have to use 9 monitors, 6 mice and 6 keyboards.

OpSpace allows dispatchers to control all these different resources and PCs from one OpSpace seat including 2 screens, 1 mouse and 1 keyboard. Resources and PCs can also be shared between different users of OpSpace Seats, optimizing collaboration between dispatchers (support and dispatchers), team coordinators and Securitas.

Quickly accessing, processing and transmitting information to the teams in the field is the basis for efficient and effective police work. The implementation of OpSpace in the PZ Vlas control room allows coordinators to meet these requirements.

New workstations for police zone VLAS

CREON has created pleasant and ergonomic workstations that meet the requirements of a modern emergency room. The ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations, to which monitors are attached, provide serenity and comfort. In a 24-hour work environment such as PZ VLAS, it is of great importance that the workstations can be adjusted to the individual needs of each dispatcher, to promote comfort during a 12-hour shift.

CREON supplied six TITAN workstations equipped with PETfelt acoustic panels. Each workstation is equipped with a pendant luminaire. The reflexion-free task lighting can be individually controlled by each dispatcher to properly illuminate the work surface. Between the TITAN desks are intermediate cabinets, equipped with surface-mounted consoles for equipment. The team leader works at a BASIC workstation, alongside which a side table is placed. Currently, PZ VLAS has a number of 24/7 chairs in test phase, to ensure that they also meet the ergonomic requirements.